Distributed Office – Manager and Developer Perspectives with Glenn Boothe and Nick Spiers

Join the Enterprise Developers Guild and me on Tuesday, March 28, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. The digital nomad life is getting more relevant by the day. If you haven’t dealt with remote work in some fashion, it is probably right around the corner. Many companies are offering remote work as a major perk over competitors, and if you aren’t open to it, you may find it harder to recruit developers in the future. In this unique presentation, we have two different perspectives represented.

First, Glenn will focus on the Manager / Business owner experience of transitioning from an office where all employees worked every day to an environment now where everyone works remotely. Web Station first dealt with this eight years ago and slowly migrated to a 100% distributed, and at times, global workforce. Glenn will touch on the initial fears of remote employees and then the realities of this transformation over the years.

Next, Nick will focus on the developer experience, both as a remote developer and someone who leads a team of remote developers while being the most remote of them all. Nick will illustrate the pros and cons of working remotely from a personal standpoint as well as the tools and processes developed over eight years of an ever increasingly remote development team. There are unique challenges, but the pros outweigh the cons and Nick will demonstrate what has worked well for Web Station.

The meeting presenters are Glenn Boothe and Nick Spiers.

Glenn is originally from Upstate New York where he studied Mathematics and Physics at SUNY Oswego and graduated in 1998 after a stint in the USMC. He founded Web Station in Charlotte, NC soon after and has worked in web technologies ever since. As well as running Web Station, Glenn currently sits on the Windows Azure Websites Advisory Board and has recently joined the Charlotte IoT Board as Brand Ambassador / Social Media Director. Glenn lives in Waxhaw with his wife and two children.

Nick is a native Charlottean and studied Hospitality and Computer Information Systems at Western Carolina University. He joined Web Station in 2007 and is currently CTO / Chief Architect / Lead Developer. Nick has always enjoyed travel and has made it a priority starting back in his college days (why do you think the double major in Hospitality). After a few “test trips,” Nick and his wife Lauren decide to take the plunge and move to Europe for more than two years. While in Europe they visited more than 20 countries and 30 cities all while keeping up with work and leading a team of developers. Nick recently moved back to Charlotte with his wife and 3-month-old baby Ethan.

The meeting sponsor is AccruePartners.