High-performance Stream-Oriented Processing Systems for IoT with Riccardo Terrell

Join the Enterprise Developers Guild and me on Tuesday, February 26th, at 6:00 PM in the Redwood Conference Room of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. Real-time event-based systems process millions of messages per second by defining and combining small flows to create processing graphs. This talk covers the concepts behind streamed-oriented processing systems using high-performance messaging queue systems like Kafka and Akka Streams.

Real-time applications are dominating the industry! Data is the main ingredient in Internet-based, social media and Internet of things (IoT) systems, which generate continuous streams of events used for real-time analytics. This poses a tremendous challenge due to the massive volume of data collected and processed. These event-based real-time analysis systems can efficiently handle millions of messages per second through new generation solutions by simply defining small flows and then combining them to create processing graphs. In this talk, will cover the concepts behind high-performance streamed-oriented big data processing systems. We will explore messaging queue systems like Kafka and Akka Streams which let developers define their process workflows at a higher level to describe a graph system enabling high throughput. You will learn how to integrate high-performance stream message queues and how to define process workflows in C# and F#.

The meeting presenter is Riccardo Terrell.

Riccardo Terrell is a seasoned software engineer and Microsoft MVP who is passionate about functional programming. He is active in the .NET community and the author of “Functional Concurrency in .NET,” which features how to develop highly-scalable systems in F# & C#. Riccardo believes in polyglot programming as a mechanism for finding the right tool for the job. You can read his blog at www.rickyterrell.com and follow him on Twitter at @TRikace.

The meeting sponsor is TEKsystems.


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