RDBMS vs. Document DBs – How do I decide? with Doug Corbett

Join the Enterprise Developers Guild and me on Tuesday, November 28, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. Document databases have gotten a lot of exposure recently. So much so that some have suggested that the time of relational databases has passed. Others suggest that document databases are just a one of the recent bright-and-shiny technologies that isn’t much more than a fad. Who is right? The answer is not what you might expect.

This presentation will recap the design considerations developers prioritize in picking one technology over the other. Using SQL Server and MongoDB as representative systems, we will consider the developer experience using these technologies. We will take a look at at the tools used to design, query, transform and optimize both relational and document database systems. Finally, we will take a brief look at Cosmos and the features it offers extending and simplifying the cognitive load a little bit more than Mongo.

This presentation is aimed at the developers who have been using either relational or document database technology and want to see what they were missing.

The meeting presenter is Doug Corbett.

Doug Corbett is a software consultant that has been developing applications primarily in the Microsoft stack since 1994. He has worked with teams in large Fortune 500 companies as well as small 100 person companies. His greatest sense of accomplishment came by consolidating five disparate systems into one web application within nine months. Deployment went smoothly. All bugs were resolved by noon of release day, just in time for lunch. Many thanks go to Kathleen Dollard and her book “Code Generation in Microsoft .NET”

In July 2017, Doug founded Lionheart Consultants; a consultancy focused on helping .NET teams get up to speed quickly with Angular, TypeScript and MongoDB. He is reacquainting himself with the effectiveness of code generation and is currently looking at how to leverage his experience with Angular CLI schematics.

The meeting sponsor is TEKsystems.

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