Code Generation with Roslyn with Nick Harrison

Join the Enterprise Developers Guild and me on Tuesday, February 28, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. Business logic is tough. The rules are complex, sometimes contradicting each other, and they change a lot. All the things that we hate about business logic are also the reasons most businesses are in business. We need to accommodate these complexities, adapt to these changes and do it quickly, or our favorite company may not stay in business. Most code generation strategies focus on generating interfaces or proxies. Simple code with little logic, but imagine if we could automate creating some of the most complex logic found in most applications. Instead of hand writing complex business rules that are going to change on the whim of a competitor or the wish of a client or a shift in the market, we can build systems that will allow us to describe the business rules and enable the computer to write code. Sounds like science fiction, but this real.

In this presentation we will:

• see an example of structuring business logic in database tables
• what it would look like to pull that structured logic back into the code
• generate code to implement the logic described in the database using the power of Roslyn

This presentation is based on material from the recently published book by Nick that covers these details in depth

The meeting presenter is Nick Harrison.

Nick a software consultant living in Columbia, South Carolina. He has done full stack development on projects ranging from full-featured Loan Origination Systems for prominent mortgage lenders to rapid prototypes for small startups. He has experience with full lifecycle development from initial inception through post deployment support.

Nick published articles and books on a broad range of technical topics including MVC, T4, Roslyn, Software Metrics, Design Patterns, Web Design. You can follow him on Twitter @Neh123us, where he also announces his blog posts, published articles, and speaking engagements.

The meeting sponsor is Signature Consultants.

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