Mind Blowing Internet of Things (IoT) Projects with Dan Thyer

Join me and the Enterprise Developers Guild on
Tuesday, July 26, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. We live in an exciting time where more and more everyday item “things” are becoming smart! “Things” have sensors and can communicate to other “things” and can provide control to more “things”. The Internet of Things, IoT, is upon us in a huge way and makers are rapidly inventing cool gadgets every day.

See Dan’s latest IoT projects on Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core running on the Rasberry Pi and connecting to services in Azure. He is using Bluetooth Beacons and Azure Machine Learning to predict the health of this pets. He is also using the Alexa Skills Kit API for Amazon Echo to send messages to a Particle Photon microcontroller (Wi-Fi) to make a servo controlled hand wave to the audience based on natural speech commands.

The meeting presenter is Dan Thyer.

Dan is co-founder and CTO of Logical Advantage. Logical Advantage has successfully delivered software and technology solutions for 12 years and was recently awarded an IT-oLogy Blue Diamond award for Human Capital Development. Dan is president of the Charlotte Internet of Things (IoT) and the Logical Advantage Tech Talks user groups and is on the steering committee of the NC Regional Internet of Things and the Enterprise Developers Guild. Dan is passionate about building cool stuff, writing articles, having fun with technology and talking about it in user groups. Dan’s articles and videos have accumulated over half a million views and Microsoft Channel 9 has featured Dan’s projects 8 times! He was recently awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional award for his engagement in the community.

The meeting is sponsored by Signature Consultants.

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