Garbage In Garbage Out GIGO with Elaine Cahill

Join me and the Enterprise Developers Guild on Tuesday, June 28, at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) of the Microsoft Charlotte Office. Inspired by a true story. Garbage In – how bad data can still get in to modern databases. Garbage Out – how that bad data can crash your production Line of Business (LOB) application. Elaine Cahill will demonstrate practical applications of defensive programming concepts with C#, JavaScript, T-SQL, stored procedures, web forms and razor views using ASP.NET and SQL Server. This is an excellent refresher course for seasoned developers and extremely useful for junior developers and students.

The meeting presenter is Elaine Cahill.

Elaine Cahill received a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina State University in 2008 — Go Pack! Microsoft Certified Professional 2000. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer Visual Studio 6.0 2001. Experienced manager and full stack .NET/SQL developer 10+ years. Work experience using web forms, MVC, C#, SOA, jQuery, HTML5 and a bit of everything in between. American Citizen but grew up in Manchester, England.

The meeting is sponsored by Logical Advantage.

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