Windows Phone 7 Powered Squirt Gun With Dan Thyer

Join me and the Enterprise Developers Guild on Tuesday, August 24, at 6:00 PM in the MPR of the Charlotte Microsoft Campus. Dan Thyer will demonstrate his Windows Phone 7 / WCF / MEF / Arduino / IIS Live Smooth Streaming powered squirt gun for his pool! He built a device that uses servos to aim a squirt gun anywhere in the pool area. IIS Live Smooth Streaming video is used so that Dan can spray his kids with a high powered stream of water from the office or anywhere else. The UI is built in Silverlight and runs in the emulator for Windows Phone 7. Spraying the kids is as easy as touching the position on the screen where they are located. The phone communicates to the web server with WCF and MEF is used to wire up the communication between the hardware for the squirt gun and the web server. Join us to learn how to integrate custom hardware with your software and get a taste of Windows Phone 7 development, MEF, WCF and IIS Live Smooth Streaming video.

Dan Thyer has over 15 years of professional experience with utilizing a variety of Microsoft- driven technologies. Prior to his professional experience he was having fun writing software in high school and started integrating with hardware on the Commodore 64. Dan has duel degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. He was approached after giving a presentation at the Developers Guild in 2003 and was asked to build a custom logistics application for a local company. Not long after he and his partners created Logical Advantage. Logical Advantage was recently ranked #26 Fastest Growing Technology Firms in the area and has regional, national and global clients.

The meeting is sponsored by Logical Advantage.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this meeting due to business travel. This is one Guild meeting that I really did not want to miss!


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