Carolina Code Camp – Fall 2009

Announcing the Carolina Code Camp – Fall 2009, to be held on Saturday, October 10 at the Levine Campus of CPCC in Matthews, NC. Developing for Dollars, our year-long focus on providing you with the skills to create successful applications and connecting you with the right organizations to make money from your work, continues. Carolina user groups from Greensboro, Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville and Charleston are participating in this Code Camp.

Sessions will range from presentations, to hands on labs, to informal “chalk talks”. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will have a mix of speakers including Microsoft MVPs, authors, and most importantly, local developers just like you! And thanks to the generosity of our contributors, we will be able to provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and lots of swag.


  • Framework – .NET topics to enhance your performance on your day job
  • Web – ASP.NET, MVC and other web topics
  • Mobility – Windows Mobile labs, presentations and interactive sessions
  • XNA – Development topics for the Xbox and Windows gaming community
  • SharePoint – SharePoint labs and development topics
  • Business – How to promote and distribute software you develop
  • SQL – SQL Server management and development topics
  • Community – Interactive discussion sessions on a wide range of technical topics
  • BONUS – Topics and Labs too numerous to track and too good to miss!

Call For Speakers

The call for speakers is open! If you have expertise on a topic above and think other people in the community will be interested, register as a speaker now.

So mark your calendar and come join me on Saturday, October 10 at the Levine Campus of CPCC for the Carolina Code Camp. Please go to to learn more.

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