Charlotte Code Camp – Spring 2009

Learn. Develop. Sell. Developing for Dollar:

Mark your calendars! The Charlotte Code Camp – Spring 2009 will be held on Saturday, March 28 at the Levine Campus of CPCC in Charlotte, NC. It’s all about developing successful apps and connecting with the right organization to make money from your work. This event features mobile and component development tracks including DNN, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, XNA and web development for smart phones. We offer a limited choice of various software development books for each attendee along with programmer oriented “swag” from contributors such as Microsoft. We also provide a printed schedule and a “take away CD” with sponsors page, code samples, presentation slide decks and hands-on-lab instruction documents as files.


  • Day Job – .NET topics to enhance your performance on your day job
  • Mobile – Windows Mobile 6, iPhone, Blackberry, Android development and distribution topics
  • XNA – Development topics for the Xbox and Windows gaming community
  • Portal – DNN, SharePoint, and Web Part development topics
  • Business – How to promote and distribute software you develop

Call for Speakers

The call for speakers is open! If you have expertise on a topic above and think other people in the community will be interested, register as a speaker now.

So mark your calendar and come join me on Saturday, March 28, at the Levine Campus of CPCC for Charlotte Code Camp – Spring 2009! Please go to to learn more.

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